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Drugstore vs. Prestige

With so many beauty products on the market it can be mind boggling to figure out what works and where to spend your hard earned dollars. It seems every doctor’s office and department store has a pricey cure for every skincare need from wrinkles to acne. We even see drugstores offering “prestige” prices on mass-market brands addressing these common concerns. STG is here to tell you guys once again where to divvy up and where to not waste any more unnecessary cash!

Do NOT blow your money on lip balm. We see anti-aging lip balms that utilize hyaluronic acid and anti-oxidants that price upwards to $100. Save your money!!! Blistex is $3 and has all the same ingredients. I use it probably 5 times a day and it works just as well around the lips as it does right on the kisser!

Blistex Deep Renewal

Face Wash is a touchy subject with consumers because it seems when you wash your face all of the active ingredients rinse right down the drain. Save your money on the wash when looking for an anti-aging cleanser but when addressing acne you can spend some cash BUT… nothing over $10.

Neutrogena® Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

We can spend a fortune on peels in doctor’s offices and also the latest skin exfoliators from brands like Bliss. Lately we even see at home versions from doctor driven skincare lines that work in just a few days. MD Complete is just that. Now at $39.99, I consider this product a prestige item but you can get it at Target. This particular peel is a 3rd of the price as the ones sold in the creator’s private practice.

MD Complete Advanced Wrinkle Remover


Here is a GENIUS product that isn’t even available at a prestige store or price. It’s easy and fast for the getting some hydration action. It’s truly one of a kind and available ONLY at the drugstore.

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer


Another place you can save your dollars is on sunscreen. Previously oil-free and sensitive skin versions were not the most protective and came at a hefty dermatologist office price. Now you can find high protection with ingredients like Zinc Oxide and even skin replenishing ceramides and anti-oxidants. TIP: These formulas work but may require a bit more rubbing in. It’s totally worth it if you ask us!

CeraVe Suncare Line


If you color your hair like mannnnyyyy of us do (we won’t tell)- you are very aware of the fading and dryness associated with the process. Many shampoos and conditioners work at extending the color and moisture but one definitely stands out as a “must have” for many stylists. The line has won award after award and for good reason. It just works and is worth the extra dollars next time you visit the salon. TIP: the brand also has a product called Plush Locks. The leave in treatment makes blowing out your OWN hair a dream and holds style weightlessly for days.

ColorProof Evolved Color Care Plushlocks Leave IN Smooth